Learn The Objective Of Router IP Address

The is the IP address which is default and private IP address for some of the broadband modems and broadband routers. The common modems or routers which uses this IP, this includes the century link, Thomson, SparkLAN, Netopia, Motorola, Billion, Aztech, 2Wire, D-Link and more. This is private one which is the block of addresses which is reserved for the private networks. This mean that device within private network also cannot be directly accessed from the internet by using this private IP.  Any of the devices on local network can also connect to other device on the same network.

Access Admin Panel of Router:
While router itself having private IP address of the, it can assign any of the device in their network with different and private IP address. All the IP address on network must have unique address within which network for avoiding the conflicts of IP address. Http 192.168 l.l address Router Setup, The other private IP address used by the routers and modems are and The manufacturer even sets router IP address at factory but one can change the same anytime by using administrative interface. Entering this IP address into address of web browser bar offers access to router’s console, where one can change router IP address and configure different options.

Default Gateway:
If you don’t know the IP address of router, then you can also locate the same by using command prompt. Press the Windows X for opening menu of power users. Click on the command prompt and enter ipconfig for displaying whole list of the computer connections.Find the default gateway under the section of local area connection which can be the router IP address. It is used by the routers of some models for identifying on network. It is the addresses in so called networking which is private and as the 16 bit block of addressing space that is reserved for the usage within the private networks.

Broadcast data transferring
This address includes 65,536 addresses that are proved for small home networking. The small business and typical home make use of subset and most of the routers reserve the range for its network. You can also use it for broadcast data transferring and called as last helpful address in this range. So in case if you are using this IP address, you still need to have 253 addresses which are available for its use.