Overview Of Modren Technology

The world as we know it is rapidly changing. And at the forefront leading this changes, is the rapid development in technology. With technology developers who are dedicated to bringing out new inventions and outdoing their previous works, most of these technological development (if not all), however, has become a part of our lifestyle, a compulsory requirement for our daily living, causing us to depend on them more than we would like to admit.


One of the areas where the impact of our advancement in technology is easily noticed is the area of correspondence. Connecting has never been easier than it is now. Sometime ago, communication with someone outside your local area was a huge strain. Communications were breaking as one would have to write a series of letters, and wait long hours, day, weeks and months just to get a simple reply. Business organizations, relationships, family ties, political organizations, and so on, had to suffer this process.

For business organizations; several deals had to fall through, for distant relationships; separation was imminent, while a lot of family ties where broken and family members forgotten, basically because of the impatience and intolerance associated with the general human behavior. But with so much advancement in technology over the years, you can reach a friend, colleague on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds by just simply placing a call over the phone or sending a mail via the internet.


Training is another area where the effect of technology has been made prominent. Training and learning has been made easy with computers, mobile phones and internet. Researches can easily be done, problems solved, questions can even be asked and knowledge can be gained from the world-wide community connected to the internet. Printed books are slowly losing out to the rapid rising mobile technology. Whilst instead of struggling to carry large books that weigh a ton, these same data can easily be stored in a flash drive, compact disk and other portable storage devices for easily access.

These days, modern technology is being introduced into our learning system, for its ability of simulation to create and store sounds, videos and several instructive diversions. The introduction of this technology however, is already gaining a huge acceptance worldwide by its users.


One area of our advancement in technology that really draws a lot of attention is the area of wellbeing. With the release of every new technology, one constant question being asked is “how does this technology affect the wellbeing of human and/or mother earth”, what are its effects (positive and negative) on human lives. Technology seeks to improve and ease our daily living, making the human service industry one of the industries directly affected by technological advancement. The medical industry for example, has not been left out of the technological advancement. Curbing and containing viral outbreaks like the recent Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. Generally, with the improvement made so far in symptomatic equipment, early detection and diagnosis of sicknesses has drastically improved, giving medical personnel a greater chance of treating, finding a cure and managing several ailments, while also giving patients a higher chance of survival.


Technology, aside been used as a tool for bettering human lives. It is being utilized in several industries and sectors, whether as a tool for incorporating processes and enhancing the organization’s marketing capabilities, or for its time saving potentials, or its ability to accelerate and handle complex numerical problems and solving several data dilemmas, technology has become an essential factor in determining the overall profitability of several institution.