HEPA AIR FILTERS – 5 Answers To Questions About HEPA Technology

High efficiency particulate arresting, was previously known as high efficiency particulate absorber, and in recent times has been shortened to its acronym HEPA. HEPA is a name synonymous with a type of air filter used in homes and offices, medical facilities, automobiles and aircraft. With several vagaries of weather conditions, HEPA is gradually becoming a necessity in maintaining healthy and clean air in enclosed spaces.

How Effective Is It At Removing Particles?

HEPA is a mechanical air filter, a trademark associated with high efficiency. To be more specific about how effective HEPA air filter is in terms of percentage, HEPA filters removes 99.97% of particles wondering about in the air by sucking in these air particles, even as small as 3 microns (0.3µm), and trapping them.  To further explain the above statement, 1 micron is equivalent to one millionth of a meter. HEPA filters lock away particles that are not visible to the eyes but can cause several allergies and discomfort.

What Kind Of Things Can It Remove From The Air?

HEPA air filters are effective in the removal air particles that are 0.3microns in size or larger. These particles maybe include but not limited to the following air pollutants; pollen, dust mite, talcum powder, mildew spores and mold, dust, saw dust, face powder.

Can It Eliminate Bacteria And Viruses?

A question was raised some time ago about dust and bacteria. The question was; “can dust contain anything such as bacteria?” as a matter of fact, dust can contain bacteria. The air is saturated with bacteria most of which soon die off. However, HEPA can eliminate bacteria that are 0.3microns or larger in size, seeing that bacteria cells range from about 1 - 10microns in height and 0.2 – 1microns in width.

Unlike bacteria, viruses are a lot smaller in size than bacteria. They can be a hundred times smaller than bacteria, ranging from 0.004 – 0.1microns in size. And because viruses usually travel through air by attaching themselves to larger particles, HEPA can eliminate these viruses if the size of the virus and its host is 0.3mircon or larger in size.

Will It Remove Airborne Pet Dander And Pet Hair?

Material particles from animals popularly known as pet dander are usually microscopic in nature. Dander are left floating in the air and would rarely settle, and thus can be a source of air pollution. These microscopic particles are usually 5 - 10microns. HEPA air filter is an effective tool when it comes to riding the air of dander.

How Well Do HEPA Filters Eliminate Odors And Gases?

The basic purpose of HEPA air filter is to rid our homes, offices, medical lab and other enclosed space of airborne pollutants. Odors however, on the one hand are caused by the accumulation of several air pollutants. When used, HEPA air purifier can radically improve the air quality of the place it is being used. But a more effective tool in eliminating odors and gases would be air purifiers that contains both HEPA and carbon based filters. In a nutshell, eliminating odors and gases form our homes or offices is largely dependent on the model of HEPA air purifier being used.


HEPA AIR FILTERS – 5 Answers To Questions About HEPA Technology


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